RRP International Hospital Planners Pte Ltd


CEO        Dipl.-Ing. Henning Lensch, Architect, AKG, VBI, ByAK

CFOO    Dipl.-Ing. Lillian Lim, MBA


HQ in Singapore



RRP International Hospital Planners Pte Ltd provides worldwide insight and ingenuity in healthcare buildings and has undertaken many successful healthcare construction projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Americas / Caribbean.


RRP International Hospital Planners Pte Ltd is more than simply “an architectural and engineering firm”. We are one of the leading architectural firms, internationally recognized with award winning projects. Our in-house expertise also provides financing plans, accurate operational building as well as time and cost planning with a unique modeling system allowing these planning and costing functions to occur seamlessly during project design.


Currently, more than 25 architects, engineers, CAD draftsmen and office staff are working in our HQ in Singapore and in our several branches and project offices around the world. RRP International Hospital Planners Pte Ltd is using AutoCad and ArchiCad solutions. Project management software by Microsoft Project. FTP and Web access solutions provide data access for all worldwide staff, planning partners and clients. Main internal server locations are both in Singapore and Germany.


We are working for both public and private clients e.g. EU, World Bank and KfW. English is the main working language. Management and leading staff can also communicate in German, French, Italian, Danish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese. Our senior management is educated and trained in Germany. Our worldwide team is educated in several internationally recognized universities.


Main offices: Singapore and Germany

Project offices: Indonesia, Kyrgyz Republic

“RRP International's reputation of providing innovative, commonsense solutions to the most complex healthcare buildings has solidified its status as a trusted partner to its clients and a leader in the industry. Working as a team, our bright people will deliver the right solutions.” 

CFOO Lillian Lim