The Masterplan will determine the size, function, placement and properties of the buildings that will make up as it is envisaged to be at the end of the reconstruction phase. Planning will involve the input of several disciplines in the master planning process. The process will include the gathering and analysis of data, studies to identify the quality and quantity of necessary hospital services, the development of options for a staged redevelopment of the infrastructure and an approval process to validate the results in an agreed Strategic Plan.


The infrastructure-related part of the master planning will consist of the gathering of site information. Assisting the clinical planner by establishing a draft ‘functional plan’, the elaboration of a facilities plan, and an examination of the development options. The resulting findings will be used to form the Strategic Plan which will be the main output. The results of the Clinical Services planning will also serve as a basis for the medical equipment planning which will also be undertaken as part of these activities.


Several options will be explored. Progressively the options will become more appropriate, with the inherent advantages of one option retained and refined in subsequent options. This design process will be recorded for future recall and as an explanation of how the preferred option was realized.


The preferred option will be developed more fully, resulting in the production of drawings at a scale of 1:500. It will show the functional relationships within a Design Concept for both the buildings and the technical services. The Design Concept for buildings will include the structural system (foundations, construction system), the shape, form and materials of the buildings and drawings to show how the building complex will look when complete.


The technical services will also be more fully developed for the preferred option in the form of schematic designs for each discipline. The schematics will show how the services are reticulated around the site, locations of major plant areas and principles for the incorporation of the services within the buildings.


Three-dimensional computer-generated drawings will be produced to give the layperson a realistic and accurate impression of the Design Concept to be put forward as the preferred option resulting from the Masterplan.





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