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Europe - 850 beds Teaching Hospital - Functional Brief and Full Design Services

A Feasibility Study with Need Assessment, Medical Programming & Medical Functional Concept up to Schematic Designs. Guided by the EIB European Investment Bank principles, embedded in the local frameworks of existing standards and best practice.

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Central Asia - National Perinatal Centre - modern healthcare buildings embedded into existing conditions

Perinatal Care is the starting point of a new life. RRP International had during the last decade a focus on Mother & Child and Perinatal Care, mainly in relation to KfW financed projects in Asia and Central Asia.

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Asia - State-of-the-art hospitals using existing buildings, the transformation to a 280 beds hospital

Challenges for land, permit procedures and other aspects may bring the attention to transformation of existing buildings or carcass to a State-of-the-art modern and green hospital. RRP International as lead architect could fulfil the dream to transform an existing carcass to a LEED Gold certified modern hospital in collaboration with a strong local and international team. A passionate client with clear goals is mandatory to achieve such success in a very short time (around 3 years only).

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Africa - Emerging Market with Mega Cities, Addis Ababa, and Master Plan in Mozambique

In Addis Ababa, RRP International is Lead Architect for a 250 beds General Hospital as the first hospital for a 1100 beds Medical Campus. RRP International is providing here all architectural planning and overall project consultancy. EDGE environmental guiding standards lead to a certified green & healing hospital. In Mozambique, RRP International is planning a new master plan with a state-of-the art hospital and supporting facilities, schools, monastery, church and staff housing.


Germany - Best Practice

Economic and affordable design solutions have been developed since many decades in Germany. In a more and more marketing driven market, RRP International is trying to keep up professional recognized and affordable solutions mainly inspired by "a German model". RRP International is not supporting "fashions" or "trends" where limitations to solution finding might limit innovate ideas and new way of thinking. Unfortunate and repeated discussions about having only single patient room concepts show every day again that we have to fight for: Health for All, affordable healthcare.

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Middle East - State-of-the-art hospitals with affordable costs

Efficient and economic design is important for a well functioning and affordable hospital. RRP International is working very closely together with the client, users and all other stakeholders to harmonize expectations and limitations.


Africa - Emerging Countries

RRP International is working since nearly 20 years in Africa - on all level of healthcare projects, from rural centers to state-of-the-art Medical Cities. Finding the right answer to the need and specific condition is a constant challenge. Our Experience and Lessons Learned help the client for decision making and finding the right project type and scale.


Worldwide - Design Competitions

RRP International is actively participating in Design Competitions. Managing Director Henning Lensch is working since 1995 on various national / international competitions with a number of awards. In addition, he is participating as judge in international competitions e.g. in Germany, China and for the UIA PHG.


Middle East - Medical Cities, Psychiatric and Palliative Care

Healthcare Design is complex and must include all disciplines. RRP International has done many projects for specific areas such as Psychiatric Care, Palliative Care, Home for Elderly and other related areas. Here, we are working together with recognized institutions like UKE University Hospital Hamburg, Germany, or in other projects with external advisors from Johns Hopkins University, US.


Middle East - Focus on Rehabilitation

After successful acute care treatment, departments and facilities for Rehabilitation, Physio and Physical Treatment are mandatory for the holistic success for the recovery of the patients. RRP International has worked since many years successfully in these specialized areas in all parts of the world.

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Southeast Asia - Rehabilitation and Renovation University Hospitals

Not only new  building and green field projects are important to us. RRP International has gained various experience and lessons learned from a number of complex renovation and retrofitting projects mainly for University Hospitals in Southeast Asia. Unforeseen works or higher level of decay / need for repair or complete renewal are additional challenges in climatic challenging environments with high level of ground water and risk for earthquakes.


Asia - Mega Cities´ new healthcare hub with 480 beds

Asian Mega Cities with more than 10 Million population is changing the approach for healthcare provision: how can private hospitals provide affordable care, how can hospitals and healthcare hubs cope with ongoing growth of population and catchment area. RRP International is leading programming and planning services with local & international teams.


Caribbean - Laboratories & Health Centers

RRP International has gained a lot of experience in planning and supervising advanced healthcare centers in the Caribbean. Provision of Outpatient Care, finding affordable and sustainable solutions. RRP International has also provided design solutions for specialized laboratories e.g. for Dengue and Malaria.


Africa - Affordable Healthcare

With projects and definition of healthcare planning standards from Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Mauritius and Tanzania, RRP International has worked successfully with many partners and clients to fulfill the main goal: provision of affordable healthcare, provision of well designed work places for patients, medical doctors and nurses.

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