RRPinternational site management
RRPinternational site management

NPC Bishkek Construction June 2018
NPC Bishkek Construction June 2018

Moldova RCH Site Inspection
Moldova RCH Site Inspection

RRPinternational site management
RRPinternational site management


Tendering and Construction Management

The Tendering Process serves as a liable base for checking prices and awarding of contracts to the appropriate contractors.Tender documents define the scope [quality, masses, terms of execution] of all trades necessary to build the hospital based on Implementation Planning. The description of scope need to be completed at this stage as endorsement is usually very expensive. Thus, there must be a complete Implementation Planning prior to Tendering.


Tender defines in detail:


  • Quality

  • Masses

  • Terms of execution [construction schedules, legal matters]

  • Interfaces between trades and packages


It provides:


  • Control instrument for final accounting

  • Cost-tracking by comparing the cost calculation with the actual offers


Our Construction Management Services can also be awarded for already planned projects.   


Key elements of our services are:


  • Revision and approval of contractor's Shop Drawings

  • Quality of construction and building equipment (HVAC)

  • Respecting of the construction schedules

  • Smooth collaboration of involved trades

  • Fulfillment of contracts and guarantees, quality of the works

  • Cost tracking

  • Payment of the works actually executed


RRP International Hospital Planners Pte Ltd is currently providing Site Supervision and Construction Management Services in the following countries: Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, Moldova and Indonesia.