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RRP International started 12 years ago. We could fulfill our dream to establish a healthcare architecture office specialized in the international markets, emerging countries and developed countries. RRP was founded 1962 in Munich, Henning Lensch started at RRP in 2000 and since 2011, RRP International has projected more than 100 healthcare facilities in more than 22 countries on four continents for development banks such as KfW, EIB, ADB and World Bank as well as for private investment groups and hospital organizations such as EVERCARE and many others. We are passionate for our aim: to plan and build affordable healthcare facilities for the approach "Health for All". 

RRP International Hospital Planners Pte Ltd is more than simply “an architectural and engineering firm”. 

Currently, more than 25 architects, engineers, CAD draftsmen and office staff are working in our HQ in Singapore and in our several branches and project offices around the world. 

We are working for both public and private clients e.g. EIB, ADB, World Bank and KfW. English is the main working language. Management and leading staff can also communicate in German, French, Italian, Danish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese. Our senior management is educated and trained in Germany. Our worldwide team is educated in several internationally recognized universities.

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Leading our Teams Worldwide

Dipl.-Ing. Henning Lensch, Architect


Henning Lensch is our CEO and Managing Director and lead of the project teams worldwide. Henning has more than 25 years experience with healthcare architecture. He is passionate for Health for All, affordable and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities worldwide.

"We play an important part as professional architects and consultants to find solutions for affordable healthcare in all parts of the world. We will never stop challenging for the better."

CEO Henning Lensch

Engr. Lillian Lim, MBA


Engr. Lillian Lim is the main office manager and responsible for all operations. Lillian has significant experience from her former positions in Siemens and EPCOS in Asia and Europe.

“RRP International's reputation of providing innovative, commonsense solutions to the most complex healthcare buildings has solidified its status as a trusted partner to its clients and a leader in the industry. Working as a team, our bright people will deliver the right solutions.” 

CFOO Lillian Lim

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