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UIA PHG Competition with Dipl.-Ing. Henning Lensch in the Jury

Launch student ideas competition to design a rehabilitation centre for 30 stroke survivors

The International Union of Architects (UIA) has launched the Next Generation of Stroke Rehabilitation Centres international single stage student ideas competition open to all students in architecture of the world.

The competition is organised by the UIA Public Health Group and the NOVELL Redesign Team. It is co-sponsored by the Australian Health Design Council (AHDC).


The international jury is composed of:

  • John Cooper (UK), Architect (Chair, Region I)

  • Fani Vavili, (Greece) Professor Emeritus, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, UIA Council member, UIA Representative (Region II)

  • Philip Patrick Sun (USA) Architect (Region III)

  • Jane Carthey (Australia), Architect (Region IV)

  • Innocent Okpanum (South Africa), Architect (Region V)

Alternate jurors

  • Pei Ing Tan (Malaysia), UIA Secretary General, (Region IV)

  • Henning Lensch (Germany), Architect (Region I)


White Paper

The human-centered approach to healthcare facility 
planning and design

Transforming care delivery through facility design and planning - RRP International CEO Henning Lensch was invited to share his experience and lessons-learned for the White Paper #06 for Siemens Healthineers.

Healthcare environments continue to evolve, with new pressures from patients, staff, and payers

driving care providers to be more people-centered and value-driven. Meeting the challenges of

today’s healthcare markets require a re-examination of the way care facilities are planned, designed, built, and operated.

Dibba 28th of July.jpg


Under the management of DRU -DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH &URBAN PLANNING CONSULTANT - the construction of the Al Sharq Hospital Dibba in Fujairah United Arab Emirates has started in June 2022. RRP International worked with DRU for the Conceptual and Schematic Design for this State-of-the-Art International Hospital. Key aspects are a workflow based / functional hospital design with focus on patient centered design and healing environment.

Rijeka July 2022.jpeg

EIB KBCRi Phase III Finalisation of Designs

End of June and beginning of July 2022, the Consultants m4health & RRP International & ZDL with Gorski conducted final presentations and coordination for the Preliminary Designs of the Phase III KBCRi Feasibility Study (EIB). 

One aspect is the harmonic and functional integration of somatic and psychiatric care in a state-of-the-art modern European University Teaching Hospital embedded in a green hospital park environment. Lead architect Henning Lensch explained to the medical and management staff the concept of a green hospital in an healing environment.

NPC June 2022.jpg

National Perinatal Centre, Bishkek

End of June 2022, a mission from BMZ and KfW Germany with MoH KR has visited the National Perinatal Centre in Bishkek. Team Leader Henning Lensch was explaining the project and especially healthcare planning standards to the visitors. Main aspects are the economic and functional workflow combined with cost effective solutions for building maintenance.


Tanzania, Ward Renovation Project

RRP International is supporting St. Benedict Ndanda Referral Hospital since 2019 in various projects and upgrades. Currently, the execution of the renovation of the wards from the 1970´s years and the renovation and extension of the Emergency are following the schedule in time. The new wards shall improve the current situation by introducing zoning in an open concept and enhance patient care with intermediate care areas close to the newly created centralised nursing stations.

National Perinatal Centre Bishkek March 2022.jpg

National Perinatal Centre, Kyrgyz Republic

The National Perinatal Centre is starting to be equipped with FFE. During a Site Visit with all Stakeholders under the lead by RRPintl, the special construction in compliance with international standards could be explained with details.


State-of-the-art Hospital in Addis Ababa

RRPintl has visited the end of piling phase at the State-of-the-art private hospital in Addis Ababa. The hospital shall have in the first phase 250 and in the second stage 350 beds. RRPintl was lead architect until Schematic Design. Advisory partners were i.a. JHMI Johns Hopkins Medical International, USA.


Cambodia - Upgrade of existing hospitals

A field trip end of 2021 could confirm the measures for referral and district hospitals in Cambodia. Both hospitals are located close to Thailand. With focus on the migrant workers population, this ADB program is targeting improvements of existing healthcare facilities and boarder points. RRP International is working for GOPA, Germany. 

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Tanzania - Ndanda St. Benedict Referral Hospital, Upgrade Imaging and New CT

RRP International is supporting St. Benedict Ndanda Referral Hospital since 2019 in various projects and upgrades. The CT installation was done in September 2021. Soon after that, the machine and the radiation protection room have been approved by TAEC. From 4th until 8th of October, the Siemens application specialist has visited us and has provided training for our staff as well as for 5 radiographers of surrounding facilities.

During application training, two young patients with intracranial bleeding have been investigated. Both patients have been operated successfully by an orthopaedic surgeon from Muhimbili National Hospital and they are doing fine. Without CT scan, both patients would have died. Until end of November 2021, 77 CT scans have been performed. For most of these patients, the investigation was crucial for correct diagnosis and treatment.
Availability of CT Scan is a milestone in the development of our hospital and a quantum leap forward for the health care of the population of southern Tanzania and northern Mozambique.

lahore Masterplan Development.PNG

Private State-of-the-art Hospital and Medical Centre

Pakistan as fast growing emerging country has immense potential for further expansion of private healthcare facilities. RRP International is working since 2012 in Pakistan and is continuing planning and implementation of state-of-the-art healthcare facilities with this masterplan.

UNIBRAW_3D View10_AU_2020_10_16.jpg

Focus on Indonesia - University Hospital Projects - under planning and construction

RRP International has a focus on multiple hospital projects in Indonesia since 2005. Recent projects comprise renovation of unfinished University Hospital Buildings with 600 beds and Feasibility Studies for University Hospitals in Java in combination with EU Grants for measures against COVID 19.

Lab Conference 2021_edited.jpg

International Conference with participation of RRP International: Post Pandemic Healthcare Design

This year‘s conference with participation of Mr Henning Lensch, RRPintl, is centered around the planning, building and commissioning of high-security laboratories and facilities with similar requirements regarding biosafety. The range of topics includes building technology and laboratory technology, new standards for high-security laboratories, project reports, public health in a global context, as well as lessons learned from - then - 2 years of SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. conference - German LabConCert GmbH

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Smart hospital - smart healthcare architecture

Dipl.-Ing. Henning Lensch, RRP International, presented smart hospital concepts around the world and in Indonesia. Smart hospitals are starting with smart design and holistic concepts. RRP International is combining the approach and mission of affordable healthcare with smart and future proof solutions.

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United Arab Emirates - State-of-the-Art General Hospital

RRP International is starting the design services for a state-of-the-art multi-specialty hospital in the United Arab Emirates. Provision of affordable healthcare services with an appropriate and well functioning infrastructure shall help that affordable private healthcare services can reach out to the population. With this project, RRP International is expending the portfolio of healthcare projects in the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Third Party Review, VFM Value for Money assignments

RRP International is providing Third Party Review and VFM Consultancy for a number of healthcare projects in Ghana. Review services shall provide benchmarks for costing and functional planning. RRP International has provided since 2011 a number of similar projects to ensure adherence to applicable standards and budgets within benchmarks for construction and medical equipment costs.


Ground Breaking for Medical Campus with more than 1100 beds in Addis Ababa

RRP International is lead architect for a 250 - 350 beds General Hospital in Addis Ababa as the first starting point of the development of a Medical Campus with more than 1100 beds. Construction has started and completion of this first phase is expected for 2023.


Tanzania - Start of Construction of the new Private Wing in St. Benedict´s Referral Hospital in Ndanda

In continuation of our support to the extension and improvements of St. Benedict´s Referral Hospital in Ndanda, Tanzania, a new private ward started to be executed.

Rijeka_3D View28_AU_2022_05_31.jpg

EIB European Investment Bank project in Croatia - around 650 beds hospital developement

RRP International Hospital Planners Pte. consortium with management 4health GmbH , Gorski d.o.o. and ZDL Arhitekti, launches the Feasibility Study of the third phase of the KBC University Hospital project in Rijeka, funded by the European Investment Bank EIAH grant, for the consolidation of all KBCRi facilities onto the Susak site. The project started on 15 December 2020 with a kick-off meeting and will run for 12 months.


ADB Program for Migrant Workers with Healthcare Facilities in Cambodia and Laos

With focus on the migrant workers population, this ADB program is targeting improvements of existing healthcare facilities and boarder points. RRP International is working for GOPA, Germany.

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Dipl.-Ing. Henning Lensch Member of Scientific Committee for the UIA Conference

Mr Henning Lensch, RRP International, is part of the scientific committee on the UIA Public Health Group.

RRPintl is supporting UIA PHG as Executive Member for AKG Germany, the association of healthcare architects in Germany.

2021`  Ndanda ICU NICU Dialysis 2.jpg

Inauguration of the new ICU, NICU building in St. Benedict´s Referral Hospital in Ndanda, Tanzania

After 1,5 years planning and execution, St. Benedict´s Ndanda Referral Hospital started the operation of this new building for NICU, ICU and Dialysis. We thank all the involved partners and stakeholders for a smooth execution.

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10 years RRP International, 60 years RRP

More than 3600 hospitals beds & more than 100 facilities on our desks in different phases of design documentation from FS to CD set and site supervision in more than 20 countries - 10 Years RRP International - Many thanks to all our staff, colleagues and clients all over the world! Please visit our "History" Webpage.

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Healthcare Design facing COVID 19 - Indonesia

Architecture solutions for pandemic conditions - RRP International was already advocating enhanced isolation principles and screening after SARS and MERS. In this workshop, Mr Henning Lensch presents current healthcare projects with focus to strengthen respond to the pandemic conditions.