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Healthcare Architecture Planning

We start with a Plausibility Check where we examine:

  • Suitability of landscape where hospital is supposed to be built and its intended layout, size and scope of services

  • Availability of competent personnel and future hospital operator

  • Consistency between size of healthcare market and estimated investment as well as operational cost

  • Existing planning documents and concepts

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Integrated Medical Equipment / Technology Consultancy

The Functional Plan will contain a departmental room list, based on the hospital’s clinical needs, which will become the basis of the architectural design brief. The functional plan will describe the room by name, function, size, relative location and major equipment and services. The functional plan is not to be limited to a traditional room and space programme.


EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”)

EDGE’s representative environmental strategy is improving energy efficiency. The strategies include window-to-wall ratio (WWR), openings, green roofs, air filtration systems, energy-efficient artificial lighting, elevators, ceiling fans, and air exchange system to reduce indoor and outdoor temperature differences and others. General cleaning, washing, toilet flushing, equipment, water for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) kitchen, rainwater collection, and water recycling and others were considered in various ways for water management. Insulation materials, structural members of buildings (beams, floor slabs, interior and exterior walls, roofs), multi-pane glass, and low-E glass and others were mainly applied as materials.

With EDGE as guiding standard from the first sketch and mass model, RRP International shall reach higher efficiencies and lower operation costs. RRP International shall advice Clients & Stakeholders for possible gains and value additional costs for a "green premiums" versus the savings with detailed calculations and simulations.

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Construction Site Supervision

The Tendering Process serves as a liable base for checking prices and awarding of contracts to the appropriate contractors.Tender documents define the scope [quality, masses, terms of execution] of all trades necessary to build the hospital based on Implementation Planning. The description of scope need to be completed at this stage as endorsement is usually very expensive. Thus, there must be a complete Implementation Planning prior to Tendering.

npc location plan2.jpg

Masterplan - holistic development planning Consultancy - Pre-Planning / Programming

The Masterplan will determine the size, function, placement and properties of the buildings that will make up as it is envisaged to be at the end of the reconstruction phase. Planning will involve the input of several disciplines in the master planning process. The process will include the gathering and analysis of data, studies to identify the quality and quantity of necessary hospital services, the development of options for a staged redevelopment of the infrastructure and an approval process to validate the results in an agreed Strategic Plan.

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Finding the best Workflow - Cost efficiency and Sustainability

Understanding healthcare design and complexity of workflows, RRP International is providing in-house analysis and recommendations for finding the best solutions for all departments. Operational costs and lean structures for achieving the optimum of all results is crucial for a successful healthcare facility. RRP International is facilitating the discussions with medical professionals, administration, medical technology providers and facility management teams.

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