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What makes RRP International so special in comparison to others Consultancy Companies?

RRP International is specialized only in healthcare and laboratory projects. The focus is on the international market, especially emerging and developing countries. We are specialists for state-of-the-art hospital projects in emerging and developing countries.

Where is RRP International working? Is our project eligible for RRP International?

We are working in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa. Projects eligible for RRP International are healthcare architecture & engineering planning and site supervision projects. We are independent and fulfil the requirements for both the architectural and engineering associations in view of being a trustee for our clients. We are not a contractor, we are not Turnkey supplier. We are independent professional consultants.

What are the core services of RRP International? How do you work for us?

Our core services are architectural specialized design for healthcare facilities. Here, we help you from the pre-planning phase and program development over the development of a SoA Schedule of Accommodation up to all levels for design and tender documentation. Best case is that we are also your Consultant for the Site Supervision and Construction Contract Managment.

We are looking for a Feasibility Study / Second Opinion / Third Party Review for our healthcare project. Can you help?

RRP International is providing these services successfully for many projects and clients. E.g. we review designs, we review tenders and bids. We advise clients for evaluation criteria, we provide second opinions or complete Third Party Review Solutions. E.g. we work for Crown Agents, London-UK, for VFM Value for Money Reviews in Africa, we work for WHO in selected countries to evaluate the conditions in view of determination of hospital planning guidelines.

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