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Healthcare Architecture Projects Worldwide

Health for All for affordable costs and international standards

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Health for All - Efficient Infection Control and Privacy for Patients


The design of ICU and IMC is crucial for the well being of both patients and staff. Noise level, natural light and infection control must be harmonized. Nurses and doctors must have a well organized workplace, healing environment is mandatory.

Healing Environment - Wayfinding and Orientation

The Heart of the Healthcare Facility

Good healthcare architecture is more than a set of drawings. Good and efficient architecture is providing well-being to the patients and the best work space for the doctors, nurses and all other staff in a hospital. The first impression starts with the entrance, how easy is it to find your way to your doctor, to the right department or to the loved ones in the patient ward. Our design can make a difference.

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Collaboration and Teamwork

How we work

We work in complex projects with challenging technical, economical and cultural requirements. We believe in teamwork -  with our local partners for all architectural and engineering disciplines, with our client's representatives in the countries and in the HQ. We believe that our integrational and lead role can make a difference in achieving our goal: state-of-the-art healthcare facilities for affordable costs.

Healthcare Design, Health Planning

How we can help you

Health planning, healthcare architecture and engineering are specialized disciplines. Understanding best practice, local practice, legal requirements and standards for design and specifications is mandatory for a successful project. Lessons learned and experience in many successfully executed projects is our contribution to multi-disciplinary projects.




Region IV - Asia and Oceania | Australia

The International Union of Architects (UIA) has launched the Next Generation of Stroke Rehabilitation Centres international single stage student ideas competition open to all students in architecture of the world.

The competition is organised by the UIA Public Health Group and the NOVELL Redesign Team. It is co-sponsored by the Australian Health Design Council (AHDC).

RRPintl CEO Henning Lensch is Jury Member.

About Us

 We could fulfill our dream to establish a healthcare architecture office specialized in the international markets, emerging countries and developed countries. Since 2011, RRP International has projected more than 100 healthcare facilities in more than 20 countries on four continents for development banks such as KfW, EIB, ADB and World Bank as well as for private investment groups and hospital organizations and many others. We are passionate for our aim: to plan and build affordable healthcare facilities for the approach "Health for All".



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